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Fast-paced and entertaining!

The premise of this book drew me right in. I mean who wouldn’t want to read about aliens, a secret mission to save Earth, and a hero without a memory.

Synopsis (from the author): What do two alien races, planet Earth, memory lost, secret organizations, angels, magic, demons, space flight, spirits and the hope of all mankind have in common?
His name is D`ae but on Earth he is known as Kirk Alexander Doyle. Sent to earth on a secret mission to save Earth from with in D`ae is captured and his memory is wiped. His handlers have been trying to contact him for years with no result. The United Earth Bureau of Investigation is out to capture him. The leader of an opposing Alien race wants him dead. Kirk is just trying to understand why he has all these powers that make him different from everyone else.

What I liked: D’ae or Kirk, depending on who he is at any moment, was an interesting character. Part angel, part mystery, he wanders through Earth trying to escape the Earth authorities that want to capture him. His adventures and interactions with the humans were entertaining and inspiring. Even his attempt to rescue the women captured for the aliens was a selfless act. The story itself was an interesting mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and thriller and kept me interested until the end.

What I didn’t like: The story had multiple POVs, which made it a bit difficult to follow at times. I also thought it could have used some additional editing and the writing could have been tighter.

Overall impression: The Wanderer: Book One of the Godsend Series: Section One was an entertaining read. I liked the characters, the storyline, and the action of the book. I think it needs some additional editing and it would be an excellent read.

My rating: 4 Stars